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Nyrius ARIES Home+ Wireless HDMI 2x Input Transmitter & Receiver

       Wireless HDMI Transmitter with major performance issues

RubberCheese SummaryI bought this and used it for around 2 weeks before writing this review. I do not recommend it based on the performance documented in this review and the video attached.

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** See attached video showing actual performance of unit **


Note – this is unlike most of my reviews – because the product didn’t work as advertised, I wanted to show others what the performance was like.


I bought this hoping to transmit HDMI approximately 15’ through a floor. After frequent signal drops, I did some testing in some more “ideal” transmitting locations. I’d previously used the IR blaster which worked flawlessly even when the HDMI signal was poor. I bought the unit when it was on sale for just under $260.


When I purchased the system, the item description stated that it can broadcast “through walls, ceilings, and floors” which my system is not capable of doing.


SUMMARY OF TESTING (portions of testing included in attached video)

Test#1 – direct line of sight, 7’ distance between transmitter and receiver. Slow connection but once a good connection was established, no disconnects and limited artifacting.

Test#2 – “around the exterior corner”, 13’ distance between transmitter and receiver. Unit spends more time attempting to reconnect than it actually works. When connected, noticeable artifacting occurs.

Test#3 – direct line of sight, 21’ distance between transmitter and receiver. Occasional disconnects, minor artifacting and frequent loss of video. Unusable.



The receiver gets warm to the touch when operational, so I plugged each of the units into a power consumption meter. Combined, the two units consume 5.87W when not connected, and 14.38W when operational – this includes loss at the included power supplies.



I would strongly advise against purchasing this unit. While it may be suitable for broadcasting short distances with direct line-of-sight (i.e. media center to projector), I found even that type of setup to be unstable and frustrating.



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