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Power Play Spyder 2030psi Pressure Washer

Very compact Pressure Washer

RubberCheese SummaryI bought this on sale for $159 CAD and used it for about two weeks before writing this review – washing cars, cleaning patio furniture, concrete steps, and interlock. After having a gas pressure washer for years, I wanted something with no maintenance that I could easily carry around.

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I bought mine at a local store and did a double take when I first saw how small this thing is. Measuring 16.5” high, I’ve never seen a pressure washer so small. Because the casters stick out for stability, the footprint is 13”-16” square (depending on caster position). The high pressure hose is 15’ long and the power cord is 35’ long.



Assembly was quick and tool-less. Each caster and two hose hangers must be slid on. The wand screws together, and the pressure hose needs to be attached. Assembly takes under 5 minutes.



Four nozzles are included – 0° red coloured (highest pressure), 15° orange coloured (mid pressure), 25° green coloured (lower pressure), and a black low pressure soap application. I also got the Power Play Turbo nozzle which is cool but not terribly useful. I use the black and green nozzles for washing cars, and the red and orange nozzles for traditional power washer tasks. As alluded to, the machine includes a soap dispenser which functions only when the black nozzle is used.



This is my first electric power washer. I really like how quiet it runs, and how it turns off when you aren’t spraying. The wide stance and low-mount hoses mean that it doesn’t tip, and can be easily dragged. There is a brake on each caster to hold it in place on steep driveways – these brakes work well, and I normally only use one. Because of the low flowrate, I find that traditional pressure washer jobs (i.e. cleaning dirt out of concrete) takes somewhat longer than with my old gas unit, but I’m ok with that.



The 35’ power cord is very pliable and can be wrapped and hung on the back of the unit. The pressure hose is a pain (impossible) to wrap. Because only a single hook was provided, there isn’t even anything to wrap the pressure hose around (it doesn’t like to hang on the provided hook). All photos of this unit show the wand and hoses fully collapsed/separated but this isn’t convenient/realistic to do. I hang the pressure hose on a hook on the wall to keep it out of the way.



+ Compact & stable design

+ Quiet operation

+ Good range of nozzles included



– Short design means there is no convenient way to store wand and pressure hose

– Low profile handle makes it less convenient to hang on a wall

– Only 1 year manufacturer warranty

– Lower GPM than gas models



I’m happy with this washer and would recommend it for washing cars, and for occasional use around the house. If you do a lot of pressure washing, I’d recommend a higher GPM model. I’d rate this 4 of 5 stars due to the lack of reasonable storage for the pressure hose.

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