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DEWALT Right Angle Attachment for drills & impact drivers (DWARA100)

Surprisingly compact, handy for awkward situations

RubberCheese SummaryI bought this on sale for $14.99 CAD and used it for one project (mounting a projector) before posting this review.

When I received this, I was very pleasantly surprised about the small dimensions (2” wide, 5” long excluding the shaft), and solid-feeling build quality.

There is a strong magnet at the tip to hold the screw so that you can hold your drill/impact with one hand, and this adapter with the other. Included is a single impact bit (a 1” #2 Philips bit), so you’ll need to have a suitable bit set to work with this.

My only complaint is that you need a pointy object to release the bit… you have to stick it into the back of the adapter to release the bit.

The maximum rated speed is 3000rpm.

So far, I’ve only used it for one project – to drive screws through joists. Even without pilot holes, this was able to drive screws into the joists from a 90° angle! A photo is attached – the hand I used to hold the camera was used to push on the back of this adapter while driving the screws.

This isn’t a tool that I anticipate using much, but when I need it, it will be a huge relief to have!

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